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Happy Inside

Feb 4, 2022

When we are struggling - physically, emotionally, psychologically - we want to get to the other side as fast as possible because it's hard to tolerate the discomfort. We consume incredible amounts of information in an effort to help us get there, but we rarely take the time required to really absorb and apply the information before we are rushing to consume the next.

It's time to slow down.


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The Happy Inside Podcast is for you if you experience anxiety, stress, gut symptoms and disorders, IBS, IBD, SIBO, food intolerance, elimination diets, Low FODMAP dietary restrictions and chronic illness.

Happy Inside attends to the psychological, emotional and behavioural aspects of gut disorders and chronic illness; old wounds, life misalignments, the fear, anxiety and stress around symptoms, the hypervigilence, the limitations, restrictions and impacts these are having on your life - all those conversations you’ve been waiting to have are happening right here. I hear you and you’re not alone.