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Happy Inside

Jun 30, 2021

When stress, anxiety and unresolved circumstances are acute or ongoing, your gut can produce symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, nausea, reflux, pain and bloating as a result.

What's more, it can also contribute to changes in your microbiome leading to conditions like SIBO and leaky gut. 

In gut focused therapy, when we...

Jun 22, 2021


It's so easy to get bogged down in things that aren't working - ill health, symptoms, stress, overwhelm, life. 

But how much time do you actually spending visioning where you'd like to be and taking intentional action towards it?

Visioning on its own is not enough, it's just wishing. You must then be intentional and...

Jun 17, 2021


You're not alone in your struggle and fear; I'm right here with you.

Anxiety and fear can quickly disconnect you from yourself, leaving you more afraid and grasping to feel better. 

Let's bring you back home to yourself. Let's sit together and breathe together in the knowing you're not alone. 

This episode includes a...

Jun 8, 2021


Your breath is the language of your nervous system.

It's a resource you already have within you.

And the best thing, your body is highly responsive to how you breathe. I'll show you how in the breathing exercise included. 


Jun 1, 2021

How loud does catastrophizing sound inside your head?

Put down the desperate need to seek and search and gather more information and strive and try harder.

Listening is the antidote to catastrophizing.